According to Jobber 2007, there are three types of personal selling order-takers respond to already committed customers;order-creators to not directly receive orders as they talk to specifiers rather than buyers;order-getters attempt to persuade customers to place an order directly. However there are three types of order-taker: inside order-takers, delivery salespeople and outside order -takers.

Inside order-taker is the retail sales assistant. The customer has full freedom to choose products without the presence of a saleperson. The sales assistant's task is purely transactional:receiving payment and passing over the goods as another type of order taker is the telemarketing sales team, which supports field sales by taking customers' orders over the telephone.

Delivery salespeople's task is primarily concerned with delivering the product. In the UK , milk,newspapers and magazines are delivered to the door.However there is little attempt to persuade the household to increase the milk order or number of newspapers taken- changes in order size are customer driven.

Outside order-takers are unlike inside order -takers, these salespeople visit the customer but also primarily respond to customer requests rather than actively seek to persuade. Unlike delivery salespeople, outside order-takers do not deliver. Outside order-takers are a dying breed, and are being replaced by the more cost-effective telemarketing teams.

Missionary Salespeople
In some industries,notably pharmaceuticals, the sales task is not to close the sale but to persuade the customer to specify the seller's products.For example medical representatives calling on doctors cannot make a direct sale since the doctor does not buy drugs but prescribes them for patients.

Order-getters: are thoses in selling jobs where a major objective is to persuade the custormer to make a direct purchase. These are the front line Salespeople, who are supported by technological support salespeople and merchandisers.

New business salespeople
The selling tasks are to win new business by identifying and selling to prospects.

Organizational salespeople
The salespeople have the job of maintaining close long-term relationships with organizational customers. The selling job may involve team selling.Where mainstream salespeolple are supported by product and finacial specialists.

Consumer salespeople

This type of sellikng task involves selling to individuals physical products and services such as double glasing, encyclopaedias, cars, incurance and personal pension plans.

Technical support salespeople
Where a product is highly technical and negotiations complex, a saleperson may supported by product and financial specialist who can provide the detailed technical information required by customers. This may be ongoing as part of a key account team or on a temporary basis, with the specilists being called in to the selling situation when required.

These provide sales support in retail and wholesale selling. Orders may be negotiated nationally at head office but sales to individual outlets are supported by merchandisers, who give advice on display, implement sales promotions, check stock levels and maintain contact with store managers.

  • David Jobber 2007, Principles and Practices of Marketing 5th edition,Chapter 14, Personal Selling and sales management pg 544 - 548