Print Media Vs Broadcast Media:
Using print media is a very effective means of communication since it can precisely deliver the message to the target audience (Fill 2005). Print media in general is used to update people with news and events or as a source of entertainment by updating people on celebrity news, games to play such as “Sudoku” and Cross words puzzles, free coupons etc...
One major advantage of print media is that it could explain messages more thoroughly. Since it can explain messages by adding pictures to the message and add more justification on how to use the product.
Print media is as amazing tool when the product advertised for involves high involvement. For example; when purchasing a car, a person is expected to think once and twice before doing the actual purchase. It will take him/her some time until he gathers all the necessary information to undertake the purchase. The print media is an excellent source of providing all the information needed and with an additional photograph of the car can really help the target audience to carry on with the purchase.
The two main types of Print Media are newspapers and magazines. Both have some strength and weakness concerning placing ads in them.
· Using newspaper ads makes the reader control the speed and depth of reading the newspaper (Fill, 2005). It’s an attractive method of placing ads since it includes colours, pictures, and a lot of coupons. However newspaper ads receive little exposure (Fill, 2005). In addition placing an ad in the newspaper can be very expensive. In this highly technological world, newspaper is not the only source of news. Today the internet can place all the latest news in a more interactive way compared to the newspapers (Since they can display videos of the news).

· The magazines on the contrary can highly attract the reader’s attention. Since today there are more specialized magazines which help in directly targeting the right target audience. Moreover there exists a high possibility that the magazine will be circulated among many people after the original reader has finished reading it. However the costs of placing ads in magazines can be extremely expensive.

The second main type of media is the Broadcast media. It is either airing an ad on TV or the radio. Each one of those also has it’s pros and cons.
· TV: Advertising on TV can be advantageous since advertisers can display their ads more interactively by the use of sound and visual effects. Moreover advertisers can benefit by explaining to the viewers the benefits of using the product advertised on. Ads on TV are very costly however the cost of reaching mass audiences is low ( High level of cost efficiency). (Fill, 2005).
The major drawback of using TV ads, is that the messages must be repeated a lot to make people remember the ad. Increased repetition can cause boredom. TV messages tends to be short can causes an increased level of clutter.

· Radio: Radios tend to have a very high level of acceptance. ( Fill, 2005). But it lessens the ad attractiveness since there is no visual impact. More over they require very high level of concentration to understand the message than the TV.

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