In-House PR department VS External PR consultancy

In-House PR department
There are many advantages from using in-house PR department. However, using in-house PR department also has a drawback.
To begin with the advantages from using in-house PR department, if organization decided to create their own PR sector and set someone in charge, it can service whole organization and it will lead to the consistency of PR campaign and PR section can performance fully and properly than when it is mixed with other section such as marketing. Moreover, public relation manager may be very experienced in that particular business so when they organize a campaign, it will operate smoothly and as result of, in-house public relations manager close to the event and target audience, they can work economically.
However, In-house PR also has many drawbacks. For example, In-house PR manager may lack impartiality and because of, ineffective In-house PR manager, bias in favour Company may be occurred. Furthermore, if company is located far away from city or company has many branches, In-house PR manager may not be able to train employee at each branch. In addition, Jefkins (1993) also argue that “because In-house PR manager is an expert in his industry his experience of public relation may be limited to that field that he lacks a broad knowledge of general public relations practice”.

External PR consultancy
On the one hand, there are many advantages from using external PR consultancy, For instance, because External PR consultancy is an organization which has been operated in this field for long time so they became specialize in public relation. Moreover, external PR consultancy has strong relationship with media provider and supplier and they familiar with all kind of media. In addition, Jefkins (1993) also highlight that “If full-time services are not required, the part-time services of a consultancy team may be shared as with an advertising agency”.
On the other hand, disadvantages from using external PR consultancy can be found. For example, normally external PR consultancy is available only for part time and a consultancy only available whenever payment is processed, whereas in-house PR department is available 24 hours a day. Furthermore, remoteness is not evitable when using an external service. In addition, as a result of using consultancy which is outsider organization so loyalty to firm is less than in-house PR department and the time for operation is divided to many clients.

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